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Izzy, also known as Izzy Moonbow, is one of the main characters of the My Little Pony Generation 5 series and movie. She was first discovered when the My Little Pony Generation 5 clips were leaked into the internet. From what is known, Izzy meets Hitch and Sunny, the two other main characters of the show, in a town of Earth Ponies. Because of the three types of ponies being separated, Izzy shouldn't be in an Earth Pony town as a unicorn. Izzy, along with Sunny and Hitch are determined to bring peace between the three tribes of ponies.

She has become a fan favorite of the My Little Pony Fandom because of one image that was leaked into the community. The image is her and Sunny, guarded by two Pegasi . Sunny is reading her book, and Izzy has a tennis ball on her horn. When this image was leaked, many people made fan art and edits featuring Izzy.

There has also been new toys coming out featuring Izzy in them. She is often in an image with Sunny or Lila, a Pegasus pony in the show who is also a pony princess. In the show, the three of them are probably good friends because why else would they be on toys and shirts together. There is a theory Hitch and Lila just haven't met each other and haven't quit had the time to meet each other.

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Izzy is a lavender unicorn with a long, wavy mane that has a light blue, dark blue, and purple gradient. She has bright pink eyes. Her horn is a very light blue-grey. She wears a bracelet made of translucent pink, purple, and blue beads. Her hooves are dark purple. Her cutie mark is a blue heart with a button in the middle and three pink pins in the side.

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